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Anglia Water App: Managing Water Services Made Easy

Frequently Asked Questions about the Anglian Water App

Anglian Water App

If you’re a customer of Anglian Water and you’re wondering how to use their app, then you’re in luck! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Anglian Water App:

1. What is the Anglian Water App?

The Anglian Water App is a tool that allows the company’s customers to manage their accounts online. This means that you can use the app to pay your bills, view your account balance, and track your usage.

2. Is the Anglian Water App free?

Yes, the app is free for Anglian Water customers to download and use. However, please note that you may still be charged for the data usage associated with using the app if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi.

3. Can I use the Anglian Water App to report a leak?

Yes, one of the most useful features of the Anglian Water App is that you can report a leak directly through the app. Simply select the ‘Report a Leak’ option from the main menu, and follow the prompts to provide the relevant information.

4. Can I view my water usage history on the Anglian Water App?

Yes, you can view your water usage history through the Anglian Water App. Simply select the ‘Usage’ tab from the main menu, and you’ll be able to see information about your usage over time. This can be a helpful tool for identifying ways to conserve water and reduce your bills.

5. Can I set up automatic payments through the Anglian Water App?

Anglian Water Auto Pay

Yes, you can set up automatic payments through the Anglian Water App. This means that your bills will be paid automatically each month, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to pay them yourself. To set up automatic payments, simply select the ‘Manage Payments’ option from the main menu and follow the prompts to set up your preferred payment method and billing cycle.

Overall, the Anglian Water App is a helpful tool for anyone who wants to manage their water account easily and conveniently. With features like automatic payments, leak reporting, and usage tracking, it’s no wonder that so many Anglian Water customers are turning to the app to make their lives easier.