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app fest

Getting Involved in App Fest: How to Participate as an Attendee, Exhibitor, or Sponsor

App Fest

If you are someone who loves tech and innovation, then you must attend App Fest! App Fest is an event where you can explore and discover the latest and greatest mobile applications in the market. This event aims to bring together app developers, businesses, and enthusiasts from different parts of the world to connect, collaborate, and learn from one another. It’s a great opportunity for you to network, showcase your app, or gain new insights about mobile technology.

There are three ways to get involved in App Fest: as an attendee, exhibitor, or sponsor. Let’s take a look at what each of these entails:

1. Attendee


As an attendee, you will have access to various booths, exhibits, and presentations showcasing the latest apps and technologies. You get a chance to meet and interact with some of the most creative and innovative minds in the industry. You’ll get the opportunity to attend informative sessions and workshops on app development, marketing, and business, giving you a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed in this ever-evolving industry.

To participate as an attendee in App Fest, all you have to do is register on their website and choose the ticket package that suits your needs.

2. Exhibitor


As an exhibitor, you get a dedicated space to showcase your app to potential customers, investors, and other app developers. You get to interact with attendees and answer any queries they may have. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain exposure for your app and get valuable feedback from experts in the industry.

To participate as an exhibitor in App Fest, you need to apply on their website. Your application will be reviewed by the App Fest team, and if approved, you’ll be contacted about the next steps.

3. Sponsor


As a sponsor, you get to support the event financially or through in-kind contributions. In return, you’ll receive various benefits such as branding opportunities, a dedicated space to showcase your products/services, and VIP access to the event. Being a sponsor is an excellent way to gain exposure for your brand and showcase your commitment to the tech community.

To participate as a sponsor in App Fest, you need to contact their team and discuss the opportunities available. They’ll provide you with all the necessary information to choose the sponsorship package that best suits your needs.



App Fest is an excellent opportunity for app developers, businesses, and enthusiasts to connect, learn, and grow. Whether you’re an attendee, exhibitor, or sponsor, there’s something for everyone at this event. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be a part of the tech community. Register now and be a part of this fantastic event!