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Top Apps for EV Charging Stations in the UK

Top 5 Apps for Finding EV Charging Stations in the UK

Zap-Map App

Electric cars are becoming the future of UK roads, and as the number of EV owners increases, the need for an efficient and reliable network of charging stations becomes more pressing. For electric car owners, finding an available charging station is often a challenge, especially when traveling to new areas. Fortunately, there are several apps designed to help EV drivers locate the nearest charging station. The following are the top 5 apps for finding EV charging stations in the UK:

Zap-Map App

Zap-Map App

Zap-Map is undoubtedly one of the most popular apps for UK EV owners looking for charging station locations. Its interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Zap-Map provides its users with real-time updates about available charging stations, including information on station type, connector type, location, and availability. The app features multiple filters, allowing drivers to search for the nearest and most suitable charging station. Zap-Map has a vast database of EV charging stations in the UK, covering all major locations, and is continually adding new stations to its database.

Zap-Map also offers other features, including advanced route planning, which enables users to identify the most convenient charging stations for their routes. Users can also set alerts to receive notifications when their preferred charging stations become available. For EV owners who prefer to plan ahead, Zap-Map offers a premium subscription that includes exclusive access to personalized charging station reports, allowing users to check the availability and status of specific charging stations.

Pod Point App

Pod Point App

The Pod Point app is another excellent app for EV charging station locations in the UK. The app offers a vast database of charging stations, including a diverse range of connectors, with a mapping system that allows users to find the nearest charging station quickly. The app uses real-time updates to provide information on station availability and pricing, ensuring that EV owners can quickly and effortlessly find charging stations. The app also offers an easy-to-use payment system, allowing users to pay for charging through the app itself.

One of the app’s unique features is its integration with multiple car manufacturers, allowing users to find charging stations compatible with their particular vehicle. The Pod Point app’s navigation system can also provide driving directions to the nearest charging station, ensuring that users can easily locate the station without getting lost.

Charge Your Car App

Charge Your Car App

Charge Your Car app is a popular app designed to help electric car owners find the closest charging stations to their location. The app offers a comprehensive database, with information on charging locations, pricing, and connector types. Charge Your Car app users can access and pay for the charging through the app, making it an all-in-one solution to charging stations.

One of the app’s most notable features is its integration with multiple charging networks, allowing users access to a vast network of EV charging stations throughout the UK. The app also has an easy-to-use filter system, enabling users to find the most suitable EV charging stations for their needs.

Plugsurfing App

Plugsurfing App

Plugsurfing App is another app popular among UK EV owners looking for nearby charging stations. The app offers a vast database of charging stations, with real-time updates on station availability and connectivity. Plugsurfing also provides users with information on pricing and payment methods, including the ability to pay through the app itself.

One of the distinctive features of the Plugsurfing App is its focus on helping drivers access charging stations across the EU. The app has a vast network of charging stations in multiple countries, making it an excellent option for EV owners who frequently travel across borders. Plugsurfing’s interface and filter system are easy to use, allowing drivers to find the most suitable charging stations for their needs.

ChargeMap App

ChargeMap App

ChargeMap app is an excellent app for UK EV owners looking for the nearest charging stations. The app’s database contains information on hundreds of EV charging stations across the UK, with real-time updates on station availability and pricing. ChargeMap app’s filter system is user-friendly, enabling users to refine their search based on location, connector type, and charging network. The app also provides users with information on the easiest way to get to the charging station, ensuring that drivers can find and navigate to the charging station quickly.

In conclusion, electric car owners in the UK have several apps to choose from to help them find the nearest EV charging stations. The top 5 apps for finding EV charging stations in the UK are Zap-Map App, Pod Point App, Charge Your Car App, Plugsurfing App, and ChargeMap App. These apps offer a reliable, convenient, and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for EV owners to access the nearest charging station with ease.

Features to Look for in an EV Charging Station App

EV Charging Station App

Since the UK government has laid out its plans to ban the sales of new petrol and diesel cars by the year 2030, moving toward electric vehicles has become more significant than ever. However, charging electric vehicles can be a bit of a hassle. You cannot just refill your cars in a gas station; you need to plan beforehand and search for EV charging stations nearby. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, we have some EV charging station apps that can help us find the nearest electric vehicle charging point. But what are the features we should look for in these apps?

Limited Downtime with Real-time Updates

One of the most critical features of an EV charging station app is the capability to provide real-time updates about the charging status and availability of the charging station. It’s frustrating when you find and drive to the station only to find it occupied or broken. Real-time updates on an app can help you save your time, energy, and money. The app should be able to tell if someone is currently using the charging point, whether it is functional, the estimated charging time, and if the charging speed is low or high.

Location and Range Filters

When searching for an EV charging station, you don’t want to see charge points that are too far away from you or charge points that are not within your EV range. The app should have the ability to filter the charging station location within a specific radius and the ability to narrow down the search to the charging points matching your EV’s range requirement. This feature will enable you to manage your battery range effectively, ensuring you don’t run out of gas while driving to the charging station.

Payment Methods

Another significant feature that shouldn’t be overlooked is the payment method. Different charging stations accept different payment methods, including credit card, mobile payment, or even tokens. The app should be able to update you on the type of payment methods accepted in each charging station. It should also update you on some of the costs that you may incur. EV Charging Station App EV PlugFinder UK & Europe – one of the best-rated apps- shows you the cost per kw per place, so you can decide whether you want to go ahead and charge or wait for a more reasonable price.

User-Friendly Interface

Most importantly, the app should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and easy to use. It should offer detailed instructions on how to connect to the charging station and provide additional useful information, such as the specific location and the nearest amenities. The app should be able to provide directions to the charging station, indicating the fastest or most direct route.


To conclude, having an EV charging station app can make life easier for EV drivers. It provides real-time updates about charging points, filters the stations according to location and range, offers different payment methods, and ensures that you have a smooth charging experience from beginning to end. Lastly, a well-designed, user-friendly app will make your EV journey convenient, stress-free, and enjoyable.

Benefits of Using an EV Charging Station App for Sustainable Living

EV charging station app uk

Electric vehicles have become increasingly popular due to their environmental and economic benefits. However, the limited range of these vehicles has been one of the main barriers to their widespread adoption. This is where Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations come in handy. They provide the necessary energy to EVs to run smoothly on the road. An EV charging station app is the latest innovation in the EV industry because it provides a one-stop-shop for accessing, locating, and using EV charging stations. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using an EV charging station app for sustainable living.

1. Cost Savings

Electric vehicles cheap energy

Using an EV charging station app can help you save money on fuel costs compared to traditional gasoline-powered cars. Electric vehicles are powered by electricity, which is cheaper per kilowatt-hour compared to gasoline or diesel. You can easily find the cheapest charging stations on the app and even avoid peak hours when the rates are high. With an EV charging station app, you have access to real-time information on the location, availability, and price of charging stations near you. This way, you can plan ahead and choose the most affordable charging station that fits your budget.

2. Convenience

EV charging station app convenience

With an EV charging station app, you have the convenience of finding and using a charging station without any hassle. Imagine driving around looking for a charging station while your battery is about to die. This can be a frustrating experience. An EV charging station app can help you avoid these scenarios by providing you with up-to-date information on nearby charging stations and their availability. You can even reserve a charging station before you arrive at the location.

3. Reduced Carbon Footprint

EV charging station app carbon footprint

Electric vehicles produce fewer emissions than gasoline-powered vehicles and using an EV charging station app can further reduce your carbon footprint. By using an app, you can locate and use charging stations that run on renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. This means that the energy used to charge your EV is clean and has a much lower carbon footprint than traditional energy sources.

4. Integration with Your Daily Life

EV charging station app integrate with life

Using an EV charging station app can be integrated into your daily routine. You can plan your charging needs around your daily schedule by setting charging notifications or reminders. For example, if you know that you will be at a certain location for several hours during the day, you can use the app to locate and reserve a charging station near that location. This way, you can take care of your charging needs while attending to your daily tasks.

5. Improved Trip Planning

EV charging station app trip planning

Using an EV charging station app can make it easier to plan long-distance trips. The app can help you identify charging stations on your route and plan your charging stops accordingly. With the app’s real-time information, you can avoid charging stations that are already in use or out of service. This way, you can save time, be more efficient, and reduce the risk of running out of battery power on the road.

In conclusion, using an EV charging station app can help you have a more sustainable lifestyle while saving you money, reducing your carbon footprint, and improving your overall EV experience. With the app’s convenience, real-time information, and integration with your daily life, you can easily plan your charging needs, locate and reserve charging stations, and take care of your EV’s power requirements without any hassle.