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Experience the Thrill of the Isle of Man TT with the Official App

How to Download and Install the Isle of Man TT App

Isle of Man TT App

The Isle of Man TT App is a must-have for any motorsport enthusiast who wants to keep up with one of the most famous races in the world. With this app, you can access a wealth of information about the Isle of Man TT event, including schedules, news, live timing, and much more.

To download and install the Isle of Man TT app, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Open the App Store or Google Play Store

The first step to download the Isle of Man TT App is to open either the App Store (if you use an iPhone or iPad) or the Google Play Store (if you use an Android phone or tablet). These stores are pre-installed on your phone or tablet, and you can find them simply by clicking on their respective icons.

Step 2: Search for “Isle of Man TT”

Once you have opened the App Store or Google Play Store, the next step is to search for “Isle of Man TT” in the search bar. You should see a list of results, but make sure to select the official app, which is free and published by Duke Marketing.

Step 3: Install the App

After selecting the official Isle of Man TT App, you will see an “Install” button. Click on it to start the installation process. The app may take a few minutes to download, depending on your internet connection speed.

During the installation process, your phone or tablet may ask for permission to access some features or functions of your device, such as your location or notifications. These permissions are necessary for the app to function properly, so make sure to grant the necessary permissions when prompted.

Step 4: Launch the App

Once the app is downloaded and installed, you can launch it by clicking on its icon on your device’s home screen. The first time you launch the app, you will be prompted to log in or create a new account. Creating an account is free, and it will allow you to access extra features such as live timing and race results. You can also use your Facebook or Google account to log in if you prefer.

Step 5: Explore the App’s Features

Now that you have downloaded and installed the Isle of Man TT App, you can explore its many features. The app includes a wealth of information about the races, including schedules, news, rider and team profiles, live timing and race results, on-board videos, and much more. You can also customize your app experience by selecting your favorite riders or teams to follow, and by setting your notifications preferences.

In summary, downloading and installing the Isle of Man TT App is a simple and straightforward process that can be done in just a few minutes. By doing so, you can stay up to date with one of the most exciting and prestigious races in the world, and enjoy a wealth of information and features right at your fingertips.

Benefits of Using the Isle of Man TT App

Isle of Man TT App

Technology has revolutionized the way we undertake various activities in our daily lives, and sporting events are not left behind. The Isle of Man TT has its own app developed to give spectators the ultimate experience for this iconic motorcycle race. The app provides the latest news, updates, race schedule, safety instructions, and so much more about the race, all in one place.

The Isle of Man TT app has been designed to enhance the overall experience for both first-time and regular attendees. Below are just some of the many benefits of using the Isle of Man TT app:

1. Real-Time Race Information

Real-Time Race Information

The app provides real-time race updates, including who is ahead or behind in the race, time and user location. This ensures that attendees can follow and keep up with race progress and plan their experience around it. Additionally, the app also showcases statistical data about individual racers, past performance, and current ranking for those interested in the race history and knowing more about their favorite racers.

2. Interactive Maps & Directions

Interactive Maps & Directions

Getting around during the event days can be a challenge for first-time visitors, but with the app’s interactive map feature, navigating the island becomes a breeze. The app helps to locate parking areas, grandstand locations, food and drink stands, spectator points, and family areas easily. Visitors can also download the map offline, ensuring accessibility even when they are not connected to the internet.

3. Information on Accommodation & Food

Information on Accommodation & Food

The Isle of Man TT app provides a list of accommodation options available on the island. From high-end hotels to family-run, traditional pubs, everything is on offer with photos, prices, and contact details. The app also includes details of food and drink outlets across the island, including cafe bars, mobile vendors, and restaurants. Visitors can filter their search according to their cuisine preferences, distance, and budget.

4. Pre-Payment & Ticketing

Pre-Payment and Ticketing

The app enables visitors to pre-pay and book tickets for different race days and grandstands. Visitors don’t have to stand in queues for hours to purchase their tickets; they can easily buy their tickets online through the app for their preferred day and grandstand and save time. The app also provides detailed information on the various grandstands and the benefits of each one. Visitors can filter their search by prices and book tickets according to their budget.


In summary, the Isle of Man TT app has transformed how attendees experience the race. The Isle of Man TT app provides visitors with features that enhance their experience, such as live race updates, interactive maps, food and accommodation guides, and pre-payment and ticketing, among others. With the Isle of Man TT app, visiting the island for the race is now easier than ever before as it provides a one-stop-shop for all race-related needs while ensuring the safety and enjoyment of visitors during this unforgettable event.