Friday , February 23 2024

The Benefits of Using Marston’s App: Convenient and Time-Saving Solution for Pub Lovers

Future updates and developments for the Marston’s App

Marston's App Update

The Marston’s app has already proved to be an essential tool for customers looking to enjoy a seamless pub and restaurant experience. However, the company is not resting on its laurels and is committed to constantly improving the app to make it even more useful and user-friendly.

Here are some of the future updates and developments that customers can expect from the Marston’s app:

1. More personalized experiences

Marston's Personalized Experience

The Marston’s app aims to provide customers with a personalized experience that caters to their preferences. This means that customers will receive custom recommendations about beer, food, and events based on their previous orders and browsing history. Marston’s will continue to invest in its artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to develop even more personalized experiences for its customers.

2. Mobile Payment Options

Marston's Mobile Payment

Marston’s will also introduce mobile payment options through the app, which will enable customers to pay for orders without the need for cash or cards. Customers will be able to link their payment details securely to the app and pay for their orders through a few simple taps on their mobile devices. This feature will save customers both time and effort, and it’s a great step in minimizing contact points within the pub environment, particularly in light of Covid-19 concerns.

3. Integration with digital assistants

Marston's Digital Assistants

The Marston’s app will be integrated with digital assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Customers will be able to use voice commands to browse menus, place orders, and reserve tables conveniently. This advancement will add more convenience to the ordering process and is perfect for those times when customers’ hands are full or when they might just not want to navigate the app manually.

4. In-app ordering while in the pub

Marston's In-app ordering

The Marston’s app will eventually allow customers to order alcoholic drinks through the app, while they remain seated within the pub’s premises. Launching an in-app ordering feature will eliminate customers’ needs to visit the bar continually, and this will help minimize lines and waiting times for orders. This feature will remove strain on bar staff and free them to focus on other essential responsibilities to ensure customers enjoy their experience.

5. Virtual Pub Experience

Virtual Pub Experience

In future updates, the Marston’s app will introduce a brand-new feature: Virtual Pub Experience. This new addition will enable customers to visit one of Marston’s many pubs’ online rooms where they can engage in virtual events like live music performances, beer festivals that may not always be conveniently accessed in person. Guests will also be able to order food and drinks delivered to their doors or collected at their preferred Marston’s Pub or Restaurant. This feature adds a new dimension to customer satisfaction and further enhances their experience with Marston’s brand.

Overall, the future of Marston’s app is very bright, and new features like In-App ordering, mobile payments, and personalized experiences show the company’s commitment to service excellence and innovation. These countless upgrades and developments that customers can look forward to in the next few months and years ensure that the Marston’s app will remain an indispensable tool for pub lovers.