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Benefits of Using My Lidl App

My Lidl App benefits

If you are a regular Lidl shopper, you may want to consider downloading the “My Lidl App” on your smartphone. This app is loaded with features that make shopping at Lidl much easier and more enjoyable. Some of the benefits of using the My Lidl App are:

1. Easy Shopping

Easy shopping with My Lidl App

The My Lidl App makes shopping easier and faster by giving you access to the Lidl weekly specials and promotions. You can easily create a shopping list for the items you need, and the app will also help you locate the products in the store. The app will save your previous purchases to make future orders even more convenient, cutting down your time spent shopping for groceries.

2. Personalised Account

My Lidl App Personalisation

The My Lidl App allows you to create a personalised account that suits your individual needs. You can set your preferred Lidl store location, choose your favourite products, and customise your settings accordingly. The app will suggest products according to your preferences and offer you personalised promotions that fit your shopping habits.

3. Digital Coupons

My Lidl App Digital Coupons

The My Lidl App offers digital coupons that you can use to save a few dollars on your purchases. These coupons are available for a limited period, and you can redeem them at the checkout. By using the coupons, you can stretch your grocery budget further and enjoy more food items at the same price.

4. Rewards Program

Lidl Rewards Program

The My Lidl App has a rewards program that incentivises you to shop more at Lidl. You can collect digital stamps for every purchase you make at a Lidl store, and after collecting a certain number of stamps, you will be rewarded with specific prizes. These rewards could be meal vouchers, discounts on specific products, or even free gifts.

Furthermore, with this program, you can keep track of your progress towards the next reward, and you can see which prizes you are eligible for. This feature makes shopping at Lidl more exciting and rewarding. It also encourages you to keep coming back to the store, knowing that you are continuously getting closer to a prize.

5. Store Locator

My Lidl App Store Locator

With the My Lidl App, you can easily locate the nearest Lidl store to you. The app will give you directions to the store and provide you with the current store operating hours. This feature is beneficial when you are new in town or need to shop at a Lidl store that’s not in your usual location.

In conclusion, the My Lidl App is a must-have for frequent Lidl shoppers. With its easy shopping, personalised account, digital coupons, rewards program, and store locator, the app offers a comprehensive shopping experience that maximises your grocery budget, saves time and delivers extra value with rewards.

Customer Reviews of My Lidl App

Customers Reviews of My Lidl App

The Lidl app has become a fan favorite among shoppers, with reviews highlighting its user-friendly interface and convenient features. Here are some of the top customer reviews of the My Lidl app:

1. “Easy to use and saves money!”

One customer raves about the app’s simplicity, saying that it’s “very user-friendly and takes only a couple of minutes to navigate.” They also appreciate the savings the app offers, such as “coupons and personalized offers based on what I usually buy.”

2. “Love the shopping list feature”

Many reviewers appreciate the shopping list feature, which allows users to easily add items as they see fit. One reviewer says, “I love that I can add things to my shopping list any time, even when I’m not at home. It’s really handy when I remember something while I’m out and about.”

3. “Great for finding deals”

Another customer praises the app’s ability to help them find deals, saying that they “love the offers section, which shows all the current deals in one place.” They also appreciate the push notifications for new deals, saying that they’ve “saved so much money by catching offers I might have missed otherwise.”

4. “Scan & Go is a game-changer”

Users have raved about the Scan & Go feature, which allows customers to scan items while they shop, pay on their phones, and avoid checkout lines. One reviewer says, “The Scan & Go feature is a game-changer. It’s so convenient and saves so much time. Plus, I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything in my cart!”

5. “Could use more options for dietary restrictions”

negative reviews

While most customers love the My Lidl app, some critiques have emerged in reviews. One common comment is that the app could offer more options for dietary restrictions. One reviewer says, “I have a gluten intolerance, and it’s frustrating that there aren’t more options for me on the app. It would be great if they could add a filter for that.”

Overall, the My Lidl app has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers, who praise its easy-to-use interface, convenient shopping features, and money-saving abilities. Negative reviews are few and far between, with only a few small critiques of the app’s functionality.