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Find Your Perfect Ring Size with This Handy App

What is a Ring Size App?

Ring size app

Are you planning to propose to your partner soon but don’t know their ring size? Don’t worry because there is an app for that! A ring size app is a mobile application that helps you determine the measurement of your finger by simply using your smartphone.

The app works by using the camera of your mobile device to scan the size of your finger and provide you with the correct measurement. Some apps may ask you to place a ring on the screen and adjust it to fit the circle provided while others may ask you to place a paper strip around your finger and input the measurements into the app.

The good news is that these apps are very accurate and can provide you with precise measurements in different countries’ sizing systems. You can use them to buy an engagement ring, wedding ring, or any other types of rings online with ease and confidence, without having to worry about guessing the wrong size and having to go back and forth for resizing.

In addition, some of these apps come with additional features that can provide you with additional ring-related information, such as style and design tips, diamond quality tips, and much more. The app may also suggest various rings based on your preferred style and budget, which can make shopping for rings even more comfortable and straightforward.

However, it is important to note that the accuracy of these apps may depend on how you use them. It is recommended that you follow the app’s instructions carefully and check the measurements with a ring sizer at a jewelry store to ensure accuracy, particularly when making a significant purchase.

It is also worth noting that these apps are not 100% foolproof, and there are still factors that may affect the measurement accuracy, such as finger shape, temperature, and time of day. However, these apps are still a helpful tool to get you started in the right direction, especially if you are in a bind and need an accurate measurement at a moment’s notice.

Overall, a ring size app is an extremely helpful and convenient tool for anyone who needs a quick and accurate way to measure their finger size. With these apps, you can easily find the right ring size for you or your partner without having to leave the comfort of your home or guessing based on past experience, making shopping for the perfect ring a lot less stressful and much more enjoyable!

Top Ring Size Apps for iOS and Android

Ring Sizer iOS

Choosing the right ring size can be difficult. Luckily, there are several apps available for iOS and Android that can help. Here are the top ring size apps for both platforms:

1. Ring Sizer

Ring Sizer iOS App

Ring Sizer is an app for iOS devices that allows you to determine your ring size. Simply place an existing ring on the screen and adjust the circle until it matches the size of your ring. The app will then display your ring size. Ring Sizer also offers a full set of instructions on how to use the app and how to measure your finger for an accurate result.

2. MyRingSize

MyRingSize Android App

MyRingSize is an app for Android devices that helps you find your ring size. You can use this app to measure your finger with a thread or piece of paper. Once you have that measurement, you just need to enter it into the app, and it will show you your ring size. You can also get tips on how to take accurate measurements and find your ring size with a printable ring sizer.

3. Ring Sizer – Free Ring Sizing Guide

Ring Sizer - Free Ring Sizing Guide Android App

Ring Sizer – Free Ring Sizing Guide is another Android app that helps you find your ring size. This app provides a printable ring sizer that you can use to measure your finger. Simply print out the sizer, place it around your finger, and find your size on the scale. Alternatively, you can use a string or piece of paper to measure your finger and then enter the measurement into the app to find your size.

4. Goldsmith

Goldsmith iOS App

Goldsmith is an app for iOS devices that allows you to design your own ring and find your ring size. You can choose from a variety of ring styles and metals, and customize the ring with gemstones or engraving. After designing your ring, the app will provide a guide on how to measure your finger to find your ring size. Goldsmith also provides a guide on how to take care of your jewelry and what to look for when purchasing diamonds.


With these ring size apps for iOS and Android, you can easily determine your ring size and find the perfect fit for your finger. Whether you prefer a printable ring sizer or an app that uses your existing ring to measure your size, there is an option available for you. Try out these apps and start shopping for the perfect ring!

Tips for Accurately Measuring Ring Size with an App

Using Ring Size App

Are you planning to buy a ring but don’t know your size? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that. A ring size app is a great tool in determining your ring size from the comfort of your home. However, it is important to know how to use it accurately to ensure that your ring fits perfectly. Here are some tips for accurately measuring ring size with an app:

1. Read Reviews and Choose a Reliable App

Using Ring Size App

With many ring size apps available, it is important to use a reliable one to ensure accuracy. Read reviews and check the rating to determine which app is best for you. Choose a highly rated app that has positive reviews and recommendations. It is also important to make sure the app is regularly updated to ensure accuracy.

2. Know the Basics of Ring Sizing

Ring Sizing Basics

Before using a ring size app, it is essential to understand the basics of ring sizing. Ring sizes are typically measured in millimeters or US/Canada and UK sizes. US/Canada rings sizes are numeric, while UK sizes are alphabetical. Knowing the basics of ring sizing makes it easier to choose the right app and interpret the results accurately.

3. Measure at the Right Time of Day and in the Right Environment

Rings Appropriate Environment

The time of day and environment can affect your ring size. It is advisable to measure your ring size in the evening when your fingers are at their largest size. Also, ensure that the environment where you take the measurement is neither too hot nor too cold. A warm environment can make your fingers swell, while a cold environment can make your fingers shrink, both altering your ring size.

4. Measure Your Finger Multiple Times

Measure Finger Multiple Times

It is important to measure your finger multiple times to get an accurate measurement. This ensures that the result you get isn’t just from one measurement, which could be off. Measuring multiple times also helps you determine a consistent measurement.

5. Consider the Width of the Ring

Ring Width Measurement

When measuring for a ring, you should also take into account the width of the ring you want to buy. The width of the ring affects the size of the ring you need. For example, a wider band requires a slightly larger size than a narrow band. Consider the width of your ring while measuring to ensure a comfortable fit.

Using a ring size app is a great way to get an accurate measurement of your ring size and avoid the inconvenience of returning or resizing your purchase. Remember to choose a reliable app, understand the basics of ring sizing, measure at the right time and environment, measure multiple times, and consider the width of the ring to ensure a perfect fit. With these tips, you are ready to use a ring size app confidently.