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Sell Photo on Shutterstock and Foap : How to Get Hundreds of Dollars Easily?

Shutterstock is a popular site where photographers and designers sell their work and get paid in dollars. Nowadays, many photographers, especially foreign photographers, use this site to market their work. Instead of filling your hard drive with photo collections, there’s nothing wrong with trying to sell them on the Shutterstock site.

How to sell photos on Shutterstock

Selling photos on Shutterstock is actually not difficult and can be done by anyone. If you are interested in selling your work on this site, please follow the steps below.

1. Become a Shutterstock Contributor. Before you can start selling shots, you must first register as a contributor on Shutterstock. Easy registration. Open the Shutterstock site, look for the registration menu, and click if you want to register as a contributor. Then fill out the form provided accurately and completely so you can get an account to sell your photos on Shutterstock. Check your previously registered email on the Shutterstock site to proceed. After successful verification, you officially join and become a contributor on the site.

2. Account Validation Before proceeding with selling photos on Shutterstock, new contributors must first verify their account. Shutterstock will usually ask you to upload your contributor ID card and password. Therefore, before applying, please prepare these two documents properly to ensure successful registration.

3. Confirm that you have a PayPal account. The Shutterstock site can be accessed and used by anyone in any country. To simplify the process of selling this photo, Shutterstock uses PayPal, which is safer as a place for buying and selling transactions. So, before registering, make sure you have a Paypal account.

4. Photo Selection on Shutterstock

After the registration process is complete, contributors can immediately start selling images on Shutterstock. The trick is to upload photos that you think are cool and of high quality.

Contributors are free to upload any photo, but there are certain photo criteria:

Photos must be your own work. A model release is required if there are people or objects in the photo. A model release is a statement when the model in use is intended to be used as an object. Make sure the photos you upload don’t contain any elements of branding or watermarks.

5. Request that Shutterstock review the photo. Once your photos have been uploaded successfully, the next way to sell your photos on Shutterstock is to wait for Shutterstock to review and rate your photos. If you pass the selection, your photo will be uploaded directly to the Shutterstock site. On the other hand, photos that do not pass the selection will wait for the judging.

Shutterstock will provide suggestions for improvements and photos of results such as out of focus or low resolution. We hope this advice will help contributors better understand how to sell their photos on Shutterstock, so they can produce higher quality photos in the future. This selection process is carried out directly by experienced Shutterstock, so the results are unquestionable.

6. Shutterstock Provides Income Statement
Photos that pass the automatic selection are immediately purchased by Shutterstock. Now let’s talk about the revenue from the total photos purchased. However, to be able to enjoy the results of this method of selling photos on Shutterstock, make sure your Paypal balance reaches $200. Contributors must then withdraw the balance from their Paypal account to their bank account first.

How to upload photos to Shutterstock on HP

In addition to using a browser, you can also upload your photos to Shutterstock via HP. Here’s how to upload all your photos to Shutterstock.

Download and install the Shutterstock Contributor app on your phone.

Download and install the Shutterstock Contributor app

Download for Android

Download for Ios

Click the up arrow symbol to upload your photo.
Click the “+” sign at the top to search for photos for sale.
Choose a photo to upload. Wait until the upload process reaches 100%. Even if it looks like a failure, usually there are photos uploaded, so there’s no need to be confused.
send content
Contributors must also include metadata when uploading photos to Shutterstock. The metadata itself is the description, categories, and keywords that help users find your photos on Shutterstock. The metadata process of how you sell your photos on Shutterstock can be done through your browser by following these steps:

Check photos with metadata to select similar photos.
Select “Photo” for the image type and “Commercial” for use
The title or description is entered in English. The title should be as detailed as possible, with a minimum of 5 words and a maximum of 200 characters per character. If you are unable to upload your photos to Shutterstock during this metadata creation process, you can use Google Translate.

When you are ready to write, select a category type. There are two categories, and you can choose one or both. For example, for food pictures, you can select the category “food”, but for category 2, you can leave it blank or enter the appropriate word.

At the bottom is the release menu, which can be either a model release or a property release. If the submitted photo includes a person, it is mandatory to attach the model release file. However, if you have buildings, artwork, or other designs, you must include a property release file at the end of this method of selling your photos on Shutterstock.

Enter a keyword or keywords. To make it easier for contributors, Shutterstock offers some keyword suggestions at the bottom. However, if you want to do better, use the keyword tool feature in the top menu to let more people see the keywords you get.

Once you’ve completed the entire process, submit your photos for curation or review by Shutterstock. Photos are usually reviewed within up to 5 business days. However, even a few seconds can go by faster. The curator can approve or reject the results of the review. If a photo is rejected during upload to Shutterstock on your phone or browser, the curator will usually provide reasons and suggestions so we can improve it in the future.

Tips for Selling Photos on Shutterstock

Shutterstock has its own set of standards and standards regarding which photos can be sold on its site. So if you’re looking to sell your photos on our site, it’s a good idea to know a few tricks to get your photos accepted first. Here are some tips on how to sell your photos on Shutterstock.

1.Pay attention to visible trademarks

When uploading photos to Shutterstock, make sure the photos you upload do not contain any logos or branding. For example, you want to photograph an urban area. Urban areas usually have a variety of billboards, advertisements, and even wall and glass stickers that go unnoticed by the camera.

To predict photos with logos or brands, first edit them using something like Photoshop, then duplicate any brands with colors around them.

2. Understand the release model’s rules.

If the photo clearly shows the model in the form of a person, the contributor must include a model release, which must be signed by the person concerned. If you don’t know the person and are having trouble getting approval, follow Shutterstock’s method of selling only editorial photos.

The release model rules for photos submitted to Shutterstock are very clear and complex. If there is one person in the photo, one release model is required. But if you have more than 2 humans, you need a 2+ person release model. Also, one model release is only valid for one shoot at the same date and time and at the same place. If you change locations or go to a different day, you will have to make a new model release again. This rule applies to how you submit photos through your browser or how you upload photos to Shutterstock via Android.

3.Pay attention to the photo category

To make it easier for you to sell your photos on Shutterstock, you should also pay attention to the categories of photos posted on the site. There are many different categories to choose from, including cooking, abstraction, art, and people. If you want to sell your photos on Shutterstock, the way to sell them is to select a category that fits the photo you uploaded. This makes evaluation and selection of curators easier and also increases the chances of passing the selection.

4. Do not copy other accounts’ descriptions.

Shutterstock photo contributors are strictly prohibited from copying any description or keywords of other people’s photos that are similar to the photos they submitted. Failure to follow the rules for uploading photos on the Shutterstock app may result in the temporary or permanent termination of your account.If your account is permanently deactivated, you will not be able to pay the PayPal balance in the account.

Payments or salaries from selling these photos are accumulated at the end of each month. At the end of the month, if your earnings reach the payment limit set on the account settings page, we’ll pay you on the 15th of the following month. This method of selling your photos on Shutterstock can be very profitable if you can produce quality shots.

4.Use relevant titles and descriptions.

The next tip for selling photos on Shutterstock is that you need to be able to create relevant titles and descriptions. One of the things that can affect a customer’s search results when searching for photos in the search tool is the title and description. So be sure to create relevant titles and descriptions so that your photos can be easily found by search engines.

Look for a good title that describes the mood of the photo. It never hurts to do some research first to get a good and interesting title. Next, enter a description of your photo of at least 5 words and no more than 200 characters. Photos submitted must be completed and must be in English.

How to sell photos on The Foap

The Foap money making app can make hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Uploaded photos and videos can be bought and sold by agencies, brands, and individuals.  You can create a portfolio with as many images as you like, and if you choose one, you get paid, but the earnings are halved with Foap.

In addition to uploading photos, you can also participate in certain missions, such as the following missions that require the type of content related to Foap products. The advantage of using Foap’s money-making app is that the payback is huge.  Not only that, Flop payments can be withdrawn via Paypal.  Frequently selling Snaps can generate passive income. The Foap money making application can be downloaded from link below:

How to sell photos on The Foap

Download for Android

Download for Ios

After installing the app, you can register for free using your email or Facebook account.
After verifying your email (if you signed up using your email), connect your PayPal account in Settings > Payment Settings.
Then you need to complete your profile by clicking “ME.”
By uploading a profile picture and providing details about yourself, you gain more trust among buyers.
You can then tap the “Manage Photos” or “+” button to start uploading images to your portfolio.

How to make money from Foap

1. Complete the mission.

Sell more photos to win more prizes. Foap rewards your photos with great rewards if you take a special photo at any given moment. If selected, $10 photos will earn you $5 each, and $60 exclusive photos will earn you $30. Plus, vote for the best photos to win top cash prizes ranging from $100 to $500 or more.

2. Simply upload photos to your portfolio.

Add as many photos as you need, and don’t forget to give each a proper title and tag. Tags are very important because they allow shoppers to identify your image when they search.
So use as many relevant tags as possible to increase your chances.  If a person or company wants to buy your photo, you will receive 50% of the sale price.

Individual photos sold on Foap are usually $10, so that’s $5 per photo.

3. Post videos

You can also earn money by uploading videos. However, if you want to upload a video, you must do so via the foap website.

4. Photo suggestions

Another interesting way to make money on Foap is to add pictures of other members to your profile. If a buyer finds a photo in your album, you will receive a commission of $0.25.

Next tip:

Pay attention to photo quality and set high-quality, high-resolution photos that are not blurry and uneven.
Can I use photos other than those taken with my smartphone camera? So, are the photos you’re selling only taken with your smartphone? Of course, if you have a DSLR or GoPro action camera, simply upload your photos to your Foap account.
The editing process to make photos cooler is to process the photo with a photo processing application that you usually use. But remember that the quality of the resolution must remain high.
Please use a fast internet connection. Believe it or not, you will need to be connected to a fast WiFi or 4G network as this can take a while, especially if you upload a lot of photos.