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The Best 5 Bank Australia Apps

The Bank Australia app offers a variety of services, including balance views, remote transfers, and easy 86400 access. The app also lets you transfer money from one account to another, safely and securely. You can transfer as much as $200 in a single transaction. All you need is a credit or debit card to use the app. You can also use the app to monitor your investments and make payments. Whether you want to stay on top of your finances or simply stay connected to the people and businesses you do business with, the app offers a wealth of features.


Revolut is not a bank, but they offer a card that’s compatible with their service. This card is used to make purchases and transfers. If you have trouble with the app or want to freeze your card, you can do so within the app. You can also use the in-app chat feature to contact a live agent. They’re available around the clock. Revolut also offers a number of features that will make your life easier.

If you need to send money overseas, Revolut has no fees, which makes it an excellent option. Revolut also allows for direct debits in EUR. It also supports 3D Secure online payments and Apple Pay. Revolut is also accessible via mobile. Unlike other mobile banking apps, Revolut offers no fees Monday to Friday, and you can send money to friends or family in seconds. This app also helps you track spending, create a personalised budget, and sort bills.

Revolut has two main accounts, the Standard and Premium, each with different fees. The Standard account includes a free UK bank account with an IBAN. It also allows you to make one free cross-border transfer each month. The Premium and Metal accounts offer more benefits. In addition to the free international payments, customers also get a free account with a free credit card or debit card. Whether you’re a business or personal customer, Revolut will make banking simple and stress-free.

The Revolut app allows you to make transfers to any bank account in the world. You can also pay bills through Revolut with your debit card and transfer money from one account to another. The speed of the transfer depends on the type of currency used, the country you’re sending to, and the amount. The international money transfer takes about three to five days, depending on the account and the destination.


The Up to 5 Bank Australia app offers a number of useful features. Customers can add their card to Apple Wallet before they receive the physical card and make bank transfers through the New Payments Platform. Up users can also link the Up app to Afterpay to view regular payments. The app has many features aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction. This article reviews the most popular features of the Up to 5 Bank Australia app. Also, keep reading to discover some new features and functionality!

In addition to a variety of account functions, the Up to 5 Bank Australia app allows you to see your balance quickly, lookup charges, and manage payees. Another great feature of the app is the ability to log out automatically after five minutes of inactivity. This makes it easy to maintain a secure connection while using the app. You can even manage your payees and make payments. However, there are a few drawbacks to using the Bank Australia app.

Up’s biggest disadvantage is that there is no physical branch in Australia. This means that troubleshooting is done online. This can be less than ideal in many situations. In addition, the app has a chat function. Some big banks even have chatbots that can help you resolve your issues. However, up is still a better option than most of the other digital banks out there. Moreover, it offers modern banking options without the usual mortgages and loans.

Up is a licensed digital bank in Australia. Their aim is to empower young people to manage their own finances. The mobile app offers a range of features that help young people save for a mortgage, automate savings, and more. The Up account also has 0% foreign transaction fees and a budget tracking system. Further, a free account lets you set your budget and track your expenses. In addition to this, Up offers tips for saving for a home loan, and even budget tracking.


The Australian neobank Volt has partnered with open banking platform Frollo to offer an app for its customers. The app is part of Volt’s Banking as a Service (BaaS) business. With this app, customers can manage their home loan products, saving accounts, and debit cards. In June, Volt secured an extended Series E funding round from mortgage firm AFG. The bank’s app was updated in March to include the BaaS service.

The Australian neobank has launched an app that offers a range of advanced features. Users can set spending limits, freeze their card if it is lost, and enable additional security measures. They can also set up recurring payments and use trivia to save money. The app is not fully functional yet, but it does offer a higher interest rate than most other Australian banks. And while the app isn’t fully functional yet, users can rest assured that their deposits are safe with Volt.

The first Volt Bank product, a savings account, will be released in December 2019. The bank has a waiting list of 40,000 users. Once Volt Bank has launched its savings account, it will likely offer a Volt debit card. The savings account will offer a constant 1.00% interest rate with no monthly fees. The bank’s app will also have the ability to help customers make transfers to other financial institutions.

As the first Australian neobank, Volt has partnered with fintech startup Frollo. Together, the companies will develop a banking as a service (BaaS) app. The BaaS app will be fully integrated with Volt’s core banking system and white labeled for its customers. Volt will also become the first lender to adopt Frollo’s open banking powered Financial Passport. This means that Volt will use Frollo’s open banking platform to make automated lending decisions.

86 400

If you are looking for an online bank with a good reputation and great customer service, you’ve probably come across the 86400 app. It is one of Australia’s leading noebanks, offering real-time financial information and instant transfers. It is fully regulated by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and backed by Cuscal. Its mobile app features the most advanced mobile payments and smart alerts. 86400 also offers home loans and other banking services, and has partnered with Airwallex.

86400 is the first smart bank in Australia, built specifically for mobile devices. This is the only digital bank to offer customers the ability to connect multiple accounts in one app, making it easy for customers to manage and understand their finances. This bank’s app can open an account in as little as 120 seconds, and features no monthly fees, Apple Pay, and great rates. Its name is both clever and catchy, representing the idea of simplicity.

86400 allows customers to use their own currency, and spend money at participating retailers. Users can view their spending reports every month and categorize transactions. They can even get alerts about bills and other important dates. With this app, 86400’s customer service is always one step ahead of its competitors, and it also puts the customer first. And thanks to its low costs, 86400 is a good option for those who want to manage their finances more effectively.

The 86400 team is constantly updating its app with the latest features and functionality. This means that they can make changes in real time and avoid the hassle of having to submit their app to the app stores. Moreover, the Ionic appflow allows the team to work on two separate codebases simultaneously. Using this platform, the team can scale up the apps quickly, and they can maintain a high volume of features.


If you are looking for a bank app that’s easy to use, you’ve probably come across the one from Citibank. They’re a global brand and have been in Australia for a while. However, their consumer banking business has recently been bought by NAB. This means that their services and contracts will be transferred over to the new company. Nevertheless, they have an app that’s worth downloading and using.

One of the great things about Citibank’s international money transfers is their low fees. They’re often cheaper than using private currency exchange services, but they do charge a commission. Also, you can see what foreign exchange rates will be before you lock in a global transfer. While Citibank does charge a commission for the conversion service, these fees are much lower than those charged by other banks. This means that you’ll save a lot of money and get more value out of your money.

Another great thing about the Citibank app is that it’s fast and convenient. It allows you to view your balance and transactions, and even make transfers. You can also access your account with the app on your iPhone or iPad. Just remember that the iPad app has slower performance and is ugly. Another thing to note is that it requires secondary authentication to view transactions and make transfers. The iPad version of the app is less useful than the iPhone version.

Besides a mobile banking app, you can also access your account through your online banking or the Citibank mobile app. The app is free and available in both Google Play and the App stores. Lastly, you can message customer service with the app. You can even send a tweet to @AskCiti to get a quick response to your query. So, if you’re looking for a bank app, choose Citibank.