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The KareInn app – Digital Care Planning for Care Homes

The KareInn app is set to bring care homes into the digital age. The majority of homes still use paper-based records to hold medical and care information on patients. These are susceptible to mistakes and time-consuming for caregivers. By providing a patient’s medical records in a digital and real-time format, The KareInn app reduces the time carers have to spend on record-keeping and helps them provide a higher standard of care and make better informed decisions.

The KareInn app Pioneering the Future of Digital Care Planning

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The KareInn app: Pioneering the Future of Digital Care Planning

Empower your care operations with The KareInn app, a cutting-edge care planning system that ensures top-notch compliance, keeps residents and staff secure, informed and satisfied.

Experience smarter, faster, and more seamless care with KareInn’s user-friendly mobile, tablet, and desktop tools. Trusted by leading industry players, our NHS approved care suite offers pre-admission, care planning, daily living records, monitoring, handovers, body mapping, real-time reporting, and more. It also integrates with electronic meds, nurse call, billing and payments, among other features.

Let our in-house change management specialists guide you smoothly through your digital transformation journey.

Differentiating Digital Care Planning Software – Invest in a tech partner that constantly improves its solution.

Our software is designed to achieve exceptional care outcomes, providing management with full visibility into daily care. We create features that your Quality Assurance and Clinical Teams will appreciate and promote.

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KareInn app Features

Pre-Admissions and Occupancy Management

Lead generation, customer journey, and automated marketing – these are essential terms for your pre-admission and occupancy management team to understand. Every care home, regardless of whether leads come from referrals or local marketing campaigns, should effectively capture and manage the relationship from first contact to pre-admission and arrival day.

The most efficient method is to digitally collect information from the initial contact, whether by phone or email, and continue to gather data at every interaction. The KareInn app Digital Care Planning makes this possible, automatically populating pre-admission forms with resident data.

KareInn’s pre-admission feature serves as either an integration with your CRM or as your CRM. It empowers staff to discuss available rooms, their unique features, and share images to aid the decision-making process and build a positive perception of the care home.

Care Management Dashboard

Our care dashboard quickly and easily reports, reviews, and analyzes data, and we collaborate with care homes to provide tailored reporting to meet management needs.

The Care Dashboard provides comprehensive monitoring of your care services’ daily delivery, offering all necessary information in one convenient location, eliminating the need for information gathering from multiple sources.

The KareInn app enables evidence-based decisions about an individual’s care, reducing risk and delivering exceptional care.

Care Delivery Monitoring

The KareInn app care delivery monitoring system forms the core of our digital care management software and ensures efficient management and staff performance, preventing any missed tasks.

Management can set alerts and reminders, and create tasks for care staff as they perform their rounds. The system automatically monitors clinical baselines and alerts when there is a change.

Real-time care monitoring leads to seamless handovers, keeping everyone informed and on the same page. The shift handover summary displays all residents, making it easy to identify who needs attention at a glance.

Event Management

The KareInn app Event Management feature allows for a systematic and organized approach to managing every care-related occurrence, including accidents, incidents, falls, seizures, and ABCs.

Care home managers understand that residents may experience multiple events within a short period, making it crucial to have a robust event tracking system in place. KareInn’s Dashboard provides management with the ability to monitor trends across each care home and to delve into the individual event history. With a single click, they can access the event details and reassess the case until it is properly documented and archived.

Clinical Workflows

Streamline processes and enhance care outcomes with Clinical Workflow in KareInn.

The Clinical Workflow feature in our Digital Care Management software coordinates interactions between residents, carers, management, and other relevant parties to ensure informed decision-making. This leads to more efficient observation, collaboration, and sign-off, while reducing the risk of mistakes and complications.

With Clinical Workflow, you have access to real-time resident information including live clinical data, health plans, assessments, daily notes, events, and alerts, ensuring that processes are in place and can be relied upon.

CQC Compliance

Eliminate the need for separate compliance software by opting for KareInn Digital Care Planning. Our platform offers all the necessary features for monitoring regulatory compliance, governance, and care audits across your care home business.

With KareInn, you can ensure CQC compliance through the management dashboard, which provides instant access to evidence-based KLOEs, printable reports, care audits, event management, timelines, and follow-up action plans. Our software also offers the ability to simulate mock CQC visits. By tracking incidents, accidents, and near misses, KareInn helps improve processes and workflows, leading to constantly improving care delivery across your care homes.

Care Plan Builder

With KareInn’s Digital Care Planning, you can access all clinical assessment data in one place and use it to design individualized care plans for each resident. This leads to improved efficiency in your care home, allowing staff to devote more time to residents and provide better care.

The document wallet feature allows you to upload relevant documents and associate them with the care plans. This not only helps you keep all important information in one place, but it also serves as a training tool for junior care staff who can build their skills with management guidance.

Care plans are updated in real-time at the point of care, providing a comprehensive audit trail that can be easily reviewed at any time.

Resident and Family Portal

KareInn’s Digital Care Planning has provided peace of mind to residents, families, and friends during the Covid Pandemic with its Resident and Family Portal. It offers reliable communication and information access even during challenging times.

The digital care platform offers more than just communication and documentation of care. It acts as a dependable connection for families to stay informed and receive answers from knowledgeable staff.

The portal provides a window into the daily care of a loved one, with the ability to share photos and highlights, as well as storing crucial information about each resident for a personalized care experience.

KareInn Global Integrations

When selecting a new digital care planning software, having choices is a big plus. KareInn offers integration and migration tools to make the switch to our software effortless.

At KareInn, you can opt for our Global Integrations partners for eMar, Staff Rostering, Audit Management, and Billing & Payment Management, or retain your existing solutions. The choice is yours.

Our platform allows for secure sharing of data across your systems, enhancing efficiency and reducing the need for manual data transfer, thereby saving you time.